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Hello World: Make a Web Page in 2 Seconds

The first words that any beginner learns is always Hello World. Not sure who first coined that phrase, but generally those can be your first words today when you create your first web page in 2 seconds. 🙂

What do you mean it only takes 2 seconds? Well, I’ll show you!

Step 1
Open Notepad or any Text Editor.  If you need help finding these things, refer to my Web Design Toolkit article.

Step 2
Type the words “Hello World” without the quotes.

Step 3
Save your file as helloworld, and Close.  Swap back to your desktop, and locate the file you saved.  Rename it to helloworld.html . In Windows, a box should pop-up telling you that by changing the extension you change the way it opens or something similar to that. Just hit OK.

Done. Congratulations this is your first web page. It’s that simple.

You can preview your new document by double-clicking on it. Or by right-clicking it and using ‘Open With’, then selecting any browser.

TIP: Generally a basic HTML page always has an extension of .html at the end.

Still confused? Don’t worry, I’ll be adding quick screenshots for this post in future.

Got the gist of it? Let’s carry on!

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