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Why DIY your website?

As most budget conscious people know, it is much cheaper to cut the cost of labour and create a website yourself.  And it is true that your second cousin on your mother’s side can probably build it too.  Whether or not it will end up being profitable for you will depend on your skill and ability to convey your message online.

When to Out-Source
First impressions are everything. From the minute you create your footprint on the web to the first time every user sees your website, you have mere moments before they bounce away.

I was always a big believer in leaving things to the professionals. If you trust your accountant knows what to do to maximize your return, then you can trust your Web Designer to understand how to manage your brand with a full online strategy.

A design consultant can help you provide a positive experience to your users which will encourage the repeat visits to your sites. It’s not just new visitors to your site that you need for business, it’s the repeat visitors who are more likely to contact you.

On this note: For the love of all things good on the world wide web, please do not use a visitor counter. That is for your own reference of statistics for your site, and is a very outdated trend in site gadgets.

You can save yourself a bit of time and skimp out on the rest of the tutorial now if you wish to go this route. For the rest of you…

Legit Reasons to Create your Own Website w/ your own Bare Hands

  1. Budget: This is the single largest reason to do it yourself. Why pay the plumber when you can use CLR? Your only cost is the domain and the hosting which only cost tidbits a year, for the average website builder.
  2. Personal Use: Sometimes you don’t have a business you want to publish.  You just want to express yourself online and don’t want to use those fowl template-based sites, WordPress excluded.
  3. Portfolio and General Showing Off: Can help if you are looking for a job but keep it professional and don’t mix it with the ‘personal-use’ reason.
  4. Simplicity: There are tons of tacky widgets that can go on websites. If you don’t need anything complex like databases and eCommerce shopping cart solutions, continue on in this guide.
  5. To Learn Something New: This is the ideal reason to learn. Just knowing you can do it if you want to makes things so much easier. You will be able to cross this one off in your ‘List of Things to Do Before You Die’.
  6. To Make Money: Hey, if your cousin can profit from this why can’t you? People can start paying you for creating simple websites too.

So, still with me? Let’s carry on!

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